Years ago people asked me for a "per square foot" and it was easy to give an answer based on a few parameters.
For floors I would inquire about the approximate total size of the job, whether it was to be laid straight or diagonal, what material was to be used, location of the job.

Now so much more dictates the cost, because there is so much variety even from tile to tile. The bottom line is to be able to make the job bid inexpensive enough to be chosen and still produce enough income to be able to support yourself and your family.

40 years ago a very good and caring tile setter told me, "Anything that can be done, can be done better." He was right. Today the craftsman, setter, artisan has to achieve a balance of workmanship that equals or exceeds the expectations of the owner/buyer - while still producing it at a pace that assures an adequate income. At times it is a difficult situation. I will expand on this thought in another blog.