Commercial License

In Arizona, work that is not done in a residence but rather in a place of business is considered to be Commercial. In order to perform any type of service requiring a license - such as tile - where a price is negotiated beforehand, the party doing the service MUST BE LICENSED! Regardless of the price!

What this suggests is that the repair of merely a few tiles, unless performed by a salaried employee, where the owner or Contractor arrives at an agreed upon price for the service with the person doing the work, that party - the installer - MUST have a Commercial License to do so! A $10 repair or a $100 installation, both require a License if the price is agreed upon before the service. There is NO "Handyman Clause" in Commercial work!

Furthermore, BOTH parties - if caught - are criminally liable. The party doing the hiring as well as the party doing the work. In order to do Commercial work in the state of Arizona, for an agreed upon price, the person doing the service MUST be licensed. No matter the cost.

And unless the installer or repairman is a salaried employee, or the hired person is working hourly with all the withholding monies being withdrawn as prescribed by law, then BOTH parties are considered acting outside the law and subject to fines and criminal penalties.