Price deception

I am often asked, "How much do you charge for...". But as I suggested, it is not simple to give an answer to that question because too many factors change the cost.

But I have heard how a few contractors have gotten around that situation. They typically charge a "bottom line" cost but then do some adjusting at the end.

"You asked how much I charge for so and so, and that is still my fee, HOWEVER - I need to charge you EXTRA for the grout, adhesive, prep, crack fixing, risers, etc." and in your shower "window, soap dishes, shampoo caddy, decorative band, etc."

Of course if these things were spelled out and enumerated BEFORE the job, there's the likelihood the other contractor would be cheaper. Or the same.

So the consumer SHOULD be asking what the finished product would be required to pay COMPLETE when the job is finished. Final price, bottom line, no surprises.