Shower Pans

Many people erringly refer to shower floors as shower pans. In the trades, the shower pan is that piece of vinyl that is folded correctly BENEATH the mortar and tile of the shower floor that contains the water and prevents it from seeping to adjoining rooms. It is the container of a sort that forces the water to only go down the drain rather than leak outside the shower. A sort of saucer that prevents the cup's contents from messing the area if spilled.

The definitive test to determine if a shower pan is leaking is to seal the drain, (by plugging it or covering it with plastic and/or tapes) and then externally pouring a pail or 2 of water (to isolate the possibility of pipe leakage) into the shower bottom.

If the water disappears from the shower floor and seeps into the adjoining area - the pan is leaking! There is a hole in the pan or it is otherwise NON-effective and needs to be somehow replaced or remedied!