Major Updates of Google Algorithms - Every SEO Need To Know

Google Algorithms are the segments of SEO ranking factors. If you are not fulfilling the Google guidelines, then your website may lack in the SEO ranking factors. Every time Google launches any new update, it makes it more difficult to rank in terms of SEO. In this article, you can read and learn the major updates of Google that you should follow and make your website Google and SEO friendly.

Major Updates of Google Algorithms

Google Panda Update

The Google Panda update was introduced in Feb 2011. It evaluates the quality of content on the website. It mainly focuses on your websites' On-page optimization. This algorithm checks your low-quality content. It inspects grammar errors, duplicate content, poorly formatted text, and article spinning.

If you are stuffing keywords in your website content, the panda update will penalize your site immediately. Keyword stuffing means forcefully inserting your keywords many times without any sense. for eg., your keyword is "digital marketing in Delhi". If it has been utilized more than the required keyword density such as more than 8-10 times in 400 words article then panda update will de-rank your site on Google. This is a very important update rolled out by Google in terms of SEO. Till now, Google has done many modifications in its Panda update.

Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin update rolled out in April 2012. The main purpose of this update was to measure the spamming sites and link bombing sites in search engines. Link Bombing means if your website is getting a lot of backlinks every day, then Google AI will detect it as suspicious activity and it may penalize your website. So, according to the penguin update, Google will penalize your site for link bombing.

The second reason can be the link exchange with another site. Many SEO experts are using this strategy to create high-quality back-links. But, if you create more and more links through link exchange then again it can be harmful to your website and  Google may de-rank your site.

Google Payday Loan Update

Payday Loan update mainly focuses on search queries. This update was launched in 2013 and targeted spam queries like pornographic, casino and loan of high interest. Google removed the spammy keywords from the content with this update. This is a very straightforward and simple update by Google. Naturally, many sites are using high-risk SEO methods but still those sites are not targeted to pornographic content, interest loan and so on.

Google Rank-Brain Update

As the name suggests, Rank-Brain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system. Google confirmed the usage of the Rank Brain algorithm on 26th October 2015. It is a part of a search algorithm that helps to understand users' search queries. 

Let's understand with an example:

A user is searching "shoe" on Google, it will show the suggestions like "running shoes", "casual shoes", "formal shoes" etc. This update even knows very well the difference between "Apple" smartphone or "Apple" fruit. That's why this is called the Google AI update.

Google Broad Core Update

This is one of the latest updates which is given by Google. On Sunday 2nd June 2019, Google announced the rollout of a broad core algorithm to start on Monday 3rd June 2019. The core update targeted the specific queries that the user wants to search. It focuses on the relevancy of the website as per the users' search queries. It impacts the ranking of the search engine result page. 

If you want to fix your site from the broad core algorithm, then focus on user intent, Google guidelines, content quality, and clear architecture.