WhatsApp New Features For Android & iOS - Boomerang, Dark Mode & Other Updates

WhatsApp New Features For Android & iOS

2019 has been a very significant year for WhatsApp. WhatsApp has rolled out many new features in their app and is still not stopping the updates for their global users. Recently, WhatsApp released new features like voice messages with continuity and fingerprint authentication for its billions of users. Now Whatsapp is coming with some other cool features for its Android and iOS users.  These updates will not just enhance the user experience, but also increase privacy and security.

WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp is going to provide some essential features in its upcoming versions. Below are some of the upcoming Whatsapp new features for both platforms.

Boomerang For Whatsapp

WhatsApp New Features For Android & iOSYou must have heard the Boomerang feature on Instagram.  This feature lets you create and play looping videos. Now Whatsapp is all set to launch the Boomerang feature in the app and you can share Instagram’s Boomerang like looping videos on WhatsApp. According to WABetaInfo (a website that follows and provides all WhatsApp updates), WhatsApp will allow users to create a looping video of fewer than seven seconds. This feature will be available in the Video Type Panel.  

The panel will allow users to choose the format among videos or GIFs. Now the app will have another option indicating the Boomerang as the new format in the left of the panel. Users can create and share the Boomerang- like videos directly with their friends or can add as their Whatsapp status. The boomerang feature is assumed to appear in iOS firstly and then in Android.

Dark Mode In WhatsApp

‘Dark Mode’ feature is the most awaited feature in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been talking to introduce the dark mode feature since 2018 and now, there is a big delay in the development of the feature. However, reports suggest that there will be no more delays and users will see the dark mode soon on this chat app. The dark mode is available on many messaging platforms including the Facebook-owned Messenger. Soon WhatsApp will launch the dark mode that will provide easiness to the users while using the chat app in the night.

Memoji For WhatsApp

Just like Apple, WhatsApp is going to add a new feature in the app for its iOS users. In the year 2017, apple introduced animated emojis known as Animojis that can mimic your facial expressions. Last year, Apple introduced the expansion of Animojis called Memoji, a form of personalized Animated emoji. Memoji lets you create and customize an avatar that looks like you and that tracks your facial movements. WhatsApp is introducing Memoji Stickers for its iPhone users. WhatsApp’s latest beta version offers this feature for iOS users and soon the feature will be available on the stable versions of the app.

Payment Service For WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp has announced that it will be rolling out a new service named WhatsApp Pay in its upcoming updates. This feature will be similar to Google Pay and PayTm and will be launched only in India. The transactions will be done via the UPI platform. Till now, WhatsApp is testing this feature in India by offering this service to the selected number of users. Soon, WhatsApp Pay will be available to all the Indian users to ease their payment transactions.

Multi-platform support For WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp new features included the multi-platform support feature in which a user can access their account on multiple devices at the same time. Currently, the user access is limited to two devices via WhatsApp Web. With this feature, the users will be able to access their accounts on the iOS and Android platforms simultaneously.

Preview of Voice Messages in Notifications Bar

Till now, WhatsApp is allowing the preview of images and videos in the notifications, but now the chat app is planning to add a new feature that allows the preview of the voice messages in the notifications to enhance the user experience.

Whatsapp is aiming to adopt user-friendliness and trying to enhance the user experience. Whatsapp new features will definitely help this app to get more users along with the improved user experience.