What is What Label Reselling and what are its Benefits?

You must have heard of the term 'white label reselling' in recent times. But ever wondered, what it actually demonstrates? Let's dive into it and know how it can be beneficial for your business.

I will demonstrate the white label reselling by splitting the terms.  The term white label reselling consists of three terms, white, label and reselling. Label in business, basically, relates to a brand or a tag or a logo and a reseller is someone, who is selling a thing, which he bought from someone else. Now comes the part of white. White in this context indicates colorless or blank. So when you conclude the terms, it indicates a person who bought something and is reselling it to someone else with a blank tag or label. Nowadays, it has become one of the most popular techniques of generating business opportunities and it is an excellent way to get profitable for companies. This technique is not industry-specific. Many companies have invested in the white label reseller program.

White Label Reselling - What are its Benefits?

How White Label Reselling Works?

The white label reselling program is a B2B model that includes manufacturers and resellers.  It involves the products and services that one business may need and the other one is reselling. Under white label reselling, a manufacturer sells an unlabeled or unbranded product or service to a reseller, who is selling it to their clients. It decreases the overhead of a business in terms of infrastructural cost, technical and operational cost.

What are the White label opportunities available in the market?

White label reselling opportunities can be looked at by working as a white label in-sourcing company or the counterpart. I would like to mention some verticals in the marketing industry where you can choose and get help from white label business agencies.  Let's take a glance.

1. Online Brand Reputation (ORM) Agency

The online reputation of a business defines how trustworthy the business is. Companies are dependent on ratings and reviews if they need new customers because as per the post from Pew Research, 91% of adults prefer to use search engines to get information about a business and 74% of consumers say that positive reviews are helpful for them to trust a business. The rating and reviews are important factors for a local business. Therefore, by becoming a white label online reputation agency, you can help your reseller's client to meet the requirements with his brand name.

To fulfill the clients' requirements, you can either go for a reputation management tool or you can monitor and keep track of your clients' social media platforms, their reviews, rating, listings and keep promoting their services on social media platforms and all other platforms where their local audience is present.  Also, ensure to capture feedback from the consumers of the reseller's client.

2. SEO Agency

White label SEO reselling is very much popular. Companies are collaborating with white label service providers to help their clients to rank on the search engine. Not every company has the resources, time or knowledge of the professional SEO and that is the time when they opt to partner with a white label SEO reseller. As a white label agency, you can perform various activities. For instance, you can provide SEO auditing services, on-page, and off-page services, listings and many more.  SEO auditing involves analyzing the client website and collecting all the data and insights that need to be improved to get ranking. In On-page SEO activities, under the branding of other business, you can handle all their website issues and optimize it as per the SEO guidelines. Companies can save their time and effort by collaborating with other companies for their work.

3. Web Design and Hosting Agency

If you are a web design agency and doesn't provide web hosting services, then you can become a web hosting reseller by leveraging white label services. Web hosting is the foundation of a website and it helps you build a long-term relationship with your clients. Along with that, you can leverage a white label agency if your client wants to develop a customized website. It will save your time and efforts and your client will get quality services.

4. Content Creation Agency

High-quality content is a requirement for every business today. From social media posts and web content to blogs and guest posting, content quality is a big factor. By becoming a content creation white label agency, you can help your clients to build their blog or website content. Having a white label content writing partner, a reseller can deliver web content, blog content and all other types of content that his client needs and the client can share their expertise on blog and website without losing business focus.

5. Other Services

Every business needs to meet its goals. You can help your client in many other services by becoming a white label reseller. Some of the services are

i. Graphic Designing – For a business, brand identity is very important. Logos, letterheads, business cards, etc are some of the things that seem to be very small but these are necessary for brand building. By hiring a white label agency, you can provide professional logos, business cards, etc to your client.

ii. Ads and Campaigns – You can hire a white label agency to offer your campaigns and ad management services to your clients. White label agency can handle social media campaigns and Google ad campaigns that can help you in streamlining the lead generation process of your client.

iii. Other Digital Marketing Activities – When you use a white label digital marketing service, you can help your clients in the digital marketing of their products and services. Also, you can ask for the recommendations and digital marketing ideas from the white label agency and suggest your client build good relations.

iv. Products and Tools – If you have a client who needs a software tool to manage and track daily activities, you can hire a white label agency that can help you to meet your client requirements.
These are some of the verticals where you can choose a white label agency. But as a reseller, what will be the benefits that you will be having by this collaboration. Let me help you with that.

Why companies are opting for white label reselling?

1. You can focus on your business activities 

Sometimes, while working with you, your client needs something that falls outside of your domain and you cannot risk losing your client. You can use white label services at that time. It will not only save your client but also you can focus on your business activities and need not worry much about the client's work.

2. You can get more clients for your business

You can increase your client count by becoming a reseller. If you are providing services through a manufacturer (white label provider), you are not restricting your business in a particular domain and thus you can get more business clients for you.

3. No requirement of deep knowledge and skills

When you are a reseller, all you need to do is to provide your client requirements to the manufacturers, that is, you do not need to have the complete knowledge or skill set of the domain where your client is asking you to work on.

4. Profit and Growth

Collaborating with white label agencies is an excellent way of generating profit for your business. You get the requirements from your client and pass it to the white label agency and in return, you get the revenue for your business.


In a nutshell, White label reselling is a win-win situation for both the manufacturer and the reseller. It results in growth and success for all sides. If you are a reseller, it will not only save your time and efforts but also generate revenue and delivering quality that your client needs. On the contrary, a manufacturer can also get business, revenue, and growth.